Centrifugal electric pump “GRAT”

The pump is of centrifugal type, with console mounted on a shaft of the impeller.
The inlet of the fluid to the impeller is axial, the discharge of the fluid from the impeller is provided by a spiral housing.
The outer protective housing consists of two halves and has a vertical connector.
The flow part consists of a working wheel, an armored disk, an internal body, and an oil seal body. The impeller is attached to the shaft using a trapezoidal thread. To reduce the load on the pump rotor and reduce the pressure in front of the oil seal on the front and rear discs of the impeller are made rebound blades.
The shaft rotates in two bearing supports.
Bearings are lubricated with industrial I-20A or I-30A GOST 20799-88 oil, which is poured into the oil bath of the support bracket to the level indicated by the risks on the oil indicator. Other types of lubricants can only be used after official confirmation of their suitability.
Delivery m3/h 170
Head m 40,0
Permissible cavitation supply m 5,0
Permissible pressure at the pump inlet, MPa (kgf/cm2) 0,1(1,0)
Power of



el. Drive kWt




Efficiency, %, not less







External leakage through the seal, m3/s (l/h) 1,1-10-6(4,0)
Adjusted sound power level 108
Average geometric value of vibration velocity mm/s 8,9



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