Chemical laboratory

Emission spectrometer «argon – 5 SF»

At machinery manufacturing plants, the ARGON-5SF spectrometer will help to avoid the acceptance of low-quality metal and, accordingly, the release of defective products. This is especially true for enterprises working with illiquid products that are stored for a long time and do not have a factory certificate. The ability to determine elements such as carbon (C), sulfur (S), phosphorus (P) allows to accurately determine the grade of the material, which compares favorably with portable analyzers of steels and alloys. In assembly production, when installing critical structures, it is necessary to check the material grade of fasteners, parts that are breaking and shock loads. Incoming inspection during installation is much cheaper than repair after an accident.


Portable belt sander LShM -100/1200Э

It is the fastest and most effective rough grinding of any material surface. It allows to clean metal products, level and process (for example, round the shape, scrape parquet) wooden products, remove paint from walls, smooth joints, and sharpen tools.


Materials Testing Laboratory

Rupture machine Р – 10 №946

Rupture testing machine with a maximum load of 10 tons  in accordance with GOST 7855-74, This machine is intended for static tensile tests of samples of metals and alloys in accordance with GOST 1497-73, GOST 12004-86, as well as products from them. When using additional devices, compression, bending and beat tests can be performed in accordance with GOST 14019-68.



The rupture machine R-5 is designed for tensile testing of metal specimens in accordance with GOST 1497-73 with a maximum load of 5 tons, as well as for compression and bending. The machine is designed for work in a laboratory room.



Reading microscope MPB type – 2

It is designed to measure the linear dimensions of the hole formed on the surface of the material to be tested from the indentation of the ball under a certain load (hardness determination by the Brinell method). Brinell’s method is one of the key ones to determine  the hardness of a material


Micromrter МК25 №8927

A multi-purpose tool designed for measurements of external dimensions with high accuracy.


Device for hardness measurement using brinell method tb type

This machine is designed for hardness measurement of metals and alloys per Brinell method  in accordance with GOST 9012-59.


Kelvin pyrometer pltz 1800

The infrared pyrometer is designed for non-contact surface temperature measurement. It is used to control the thermal regime of equipment, as well as to measure temperature in technological processes of metallurgy, mechanical engineering, petrochemistry, etc.


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