Kataysk Pump Plant, JSC has been suppling not only pump equipment but  also castings for 70 years through Russia  successfully.

The enterprise is equipped with modern foundry machines which allow to manufacture castings from different grades of cast iron (СЧ15, СЧ20, СЧ25), castings from chromine iron ЧХ28.Weight of castings from  1 to 2000 kg.

Manufacturing capabilities tried and tested using the following makes of steel:

  •     12Х18Н9ТЛ —  chrome nickel steel(К)
  •     12Х18Н12М3ТЛ — chrome nickel molybdene  steel (Е)
  •     07ХН25МДТЛ — chrome nickel molybdene cuprous  steel (И)
  •     25Л — carbon steel (А)
    Weight of castings from 0.2 to 500 kg.

Castings are manufactured using main casting methods:
— CHM (cold-hardening mixture)
— in green sand mold («earth»)

— per consumable pattern
— VFM (vacuum-film molding)

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Kataisk Pump Plant
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