Geometric laboratory

The geometrical laboratory carries out checks and calibrations of measuring instruments (SI).

Means for measuring geometrical values are used in enterprises which operates in almost any field. They belong to the simplest SI, therefore the main and only requirement for them is the maximum accuracy of the results, compliance with state standards. Procedures such as verification and calibration are provided to confirm the suitability of such measuring instruments, to identify errors, as well as to ensure the accuracy of measurements,

Equipment used in our company:


Measuring machine IZM

It is designed for measuring the outer and inner dimensions by the method of direct assessment using the scales built into the machine, and by the method of comparison with plane-parallel gage blocks or other reference measures. Measuring machines can measure the length of plane-parallel gage blocks, micrometric inside gauges, outer diameters of cylinders, inner diameters of rings, average thread diameter of gauges and other measures and products.


Measurement instrument – beam compass shtz -1-125-0,1


Microscope mmi – 2

It is designed for measurements of profile elements of external threads, angles, cones, radii, working dimensions of various templates.


Microscope imtzl 150 – 50,5

It is designed for measurement:

  • in transmitted and reflected light of external linear dimensions and shaft diameters up to 150 mm in longitudinal and up to 50 mm in transverse directions;
  • product angles up to 360 ° on the goniometer and table;
  • coupeurs, fraises, cames and other tools, as well as templates of any shape and configuration, the dimensions of which allow them to be installed on the measuring table of the microscope. Measurement can be carried out in rectangular and polar coordinates;
  • thread of taps in diameter, pitch and half of the profile angle;
  • threaded calibers by pitch (by the comparative method), half of the profile angle, straightness of the profile and inner diameter (using the methodology of GOST 8.128-74 and GOST 12692-67);
  • tapered gauges, cylindrical and tapered bushings, radius profiles;
  • distances between centers of the holes;


Vertical length gauge izv – 6

It is designed for contact linear measurements by the direct assessment method or by the comparison method in accordance with GOST 14028.

The high qualifications of our specialists allow us to guarantee accurate verification results and high-quality calibration. In addition, we carry out all the necessary procedures in the shortest possible time, filling out all the accompanying documentation.

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