PUMPS «NК 100-215», «NК 200-108»

Purpose of the electric pump unit NK100/215 and NK200/108
The electric pump unit is designed for pumping water, petroleum products and crude oil with a kinematic viscosity of up to 300 cSt (300×10-6 m2/c) and a temperature from minus 10 ° C to plus 80 ° C. The unit is manufactured in the design for installation in explosive and fire-hazardous areas where the room class B-Ia and below in accordance with the PUE (Rules for electrical installations), for pumping liquids whose vapors form explosive mixtures with air of category IIA and IIB
according to GOST R 51330.11-99 and groups T1, T2, T3, T4 according to GOST R 51330.5-99.
Depending on the density and viscosity of the pumped liquid and the requirements of explosion and fire hazard, the pumps are equipped with various engines in power and design, including a diesel engine

НК 100/215 НК 200/108
Type centrifugal, two-flow
Number of stages 4
Delivery m3/h 100 200
Head m 215 108
Rolational speed

с-1 (rot/min)

Maximum power consumption of the pump over the entire operating range of feeds, at a pump shaft speed of 2900 rpm

when working on water, kW, no more

Maximum overpressure at the pump inlet, MPa 3,1
Permissible cavitation reserve m, no more 5,5
Leakage through the mechanical seal, l/h, not more 0,05
Pump weight, kg, max 840


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