«RATM Holding» (Novosibirsk) has started to develop documentation for the project of the industrial park, which is planned to be created in Kataisk town (Kurgan region, Russia) on the basis of the Kataisk Pump Plant. The investor expects that the companies interested in cooperation with JSC “KPP” will become residents. The holding notes that in this way it is possible to create an import-substituting cluster on this site. Experts believe that the group and the residents of the cluster may face a number of difficulties, in particular, with limited demand.

LLC «Industrial Park «Kataisk «(an asset of the Novosibirsk «RATM Holding») has started the development of design and estimate documentation for the creation of the industrial park «RID Kataisk» in Kataisk. According to the Holding report, with reference to the first Deputy General Director of LLC «REED Group» (the asset under the management of LLC «Kataisk Industrial Park»), Yegor Kazantsev, two production buildings with an area of 13 thousand square meters are planned to be built on the territory of the industrial park, which is expected to appear on the basis of a pumpplant each of them, reconstruct the administrative and household and warehouse buildings (3.5 sq. m. and 10 sq. m, respectively).

The company notes that all the facilities are designed to accommodate residents. Also, the specialists will prepare documentation for the improvement of the territory, the laying of engineering networks, the purchase of technological equipment for the collective use of the hosted enterprises, which could use it to start a trial or small-scale production.

Last year, the Russian government included the creation of the RID Kataisk industrial Park in the program of socio-economic development of the Kurgan region for 2020-2024. The total investment in the infrastructure of the site is estimated at 630 million rubles. RATM Holding clarifies, that according to the terms of the national project, at least 20% of this amount should be invested by the management company of the industrial park.

According to Mr. Kazantsev, the delivery of the objects will be phased. He added that LLC “Kataisk Industrial Park” is already negotiating with potential residents, the first of which will be able to start working by 2022. «First of all, we are talking about companies that are interested in cooperation with the city — forming enterprise— the Kataisk Pump Plant. For example, companies which produce engines, components and automation for pumps. Thus, we will provide the prerequisites for the formation of a cluster for the production of pumping units for various industries within the framework of import substitution”,- the representative of the holding notes.

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