Semi-submersible pumps “NPX”

Electric pump NPX replaced by a 2/25 is intended for pumping of wastewater various chemically active and neutral liquids, including wastewater technological systems of nuclear power plants, with density not more than 1850 kg/m3. The pumped liquids allowed content of solid inclusions with volumetric concentration up to 0.1% with particle size up to 0,2 mm. The pump is available in seismic design basis. Seismic category III, II in accordance with NP-031-01.
Shaft seal-mechanical. The details of the flow part is made of steel, 12X18N9TL GOST 977 (material type «K»). As the drive is used asynchronous, special submersible, with squirrel-cage rotor engine.
Head  m 25
Rolational speed   с-1 (rot/min) 48(2900)
Power of el. Drive   kWt 2,2
Efficiency  η,  %,  not less               25
Depth of immersion m, no more 10
Overall dimensions, mm                                                 length







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