PUMPS АХ 150/40

The centrifugal pump АХ150/40 are designed for pumping chemically active and neutral fluids that contain solids up to 1 mm, which volume concentration does not exceed 1.5%, and pulp (the rubber crumbs in water) and liquids similar in physical and mechanical properties that contains abrasive suspended particles with a maximum size of 10 mm, a concentration by volume of not more than 5%. The temperature of the pumped liquid is from minus 40 to plus 120 oC.

Pump shaft seal double packing or double mechanical seal.
Material of pump flow parts:
- chrome-Nickel steel 12X18N9TL- " K";
- chrome-Nickel-molybdenum steel 12X18N12MZTL- " E";
- chrome-nickel-molybdenum- copper steel 07HN25MDTL- "L"
Electric pump units are available in General industrial, explosion-and fire-safe versions.
Pump stundart size Delivery




Rolational speed

с-1 (rot/min)

Permissible cavitation reserve m, no more Power of el. Drive


m3/h l/s
АХ150/40 150 41,7 40 24(1450) 4 31


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