PUMPS Х45/240

Agregat electropump type "Х45/240" is designed for pumping chemically active and neutral liquids with density, max 1850 kg/m3, containing solids in amount, max 0,1% by volume with a particle size of max 0.2 mm, for which the rate of penetration of corrosion of the material flow part, max, 0.1 mm/year. The kinematic viscosity of the pumped liquid is up to 30x10-6 m2/s. The temperature of the pumped liquid is from -40 to +1200C, including for pumping formalin charge with a temperature of up to +600C. The electric pump unit "X 45/240" consists of a pump and an electric motor mounted on a common Foundation plate (frame). The pump is driven via a coupling. The pump consists of three main components: the drive unit, the flow part, and the seal unit. The inlet and outlet of the pumped liquid are located in a horizontal plane and are directed in opposite directions. The transfer of liquid from the spiral chamber of the first stage to the suction of the second stage is carried out by an external transfer pipe.

Material of parts of the flow part of electric pumps:
- chrome-nickel steel 12X18N9TL- " K " (t from -40 to +120 0C);
- chrome-nickel-molybdenum steel 12X18N12MZTL- " E " (t from -40 to +120 0C);
- chrome-nickel-molybdenum- copper steel 07KHN25MDTL- " I " (t from -40 to +120 0C)


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